Who are Luc & Finn?

Luc & Finn is a small jeweler that sells high quality jewelry and loose stones at a fraction of the cost of big name stores. Luc & Finn started when the founders could not find any reasonably priced loose stones to replace a diamond that fell out of a wedding ring. After the founders contacted countless wholesale and manufacturer jewelry companies, they decided that the only way to not pay a fortune was to go directly to the source. Luc & Finn handpicks only the highest quality of jewelry pieces and stones to offer for sale. Some pieces that are sold, there is no backup inventory to restock to, some pieces they carry often, and some pieces you can special order. If you are looking for a specific cut and/or size stone, contact Nature's Beeline under the contact page with your request details. Luc & Finn will then hunt down the highest quality jewelry pieces and stones at a guaranteed most affordable price.


What kind of jewelry does Luc & Finn sell?

They sell just about everything of high quality, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and loose stones. They focus on offering high quality moissanite diamond jewelry set in gold, white gold, sterling silver, and sterling silver plated with gold or platinum. 

Does the jewelry come with a warranty?

Some jewelry comes with warranty cards that are covered by the manufacturer/maker, but not covered by Luc & Finn. If a warranty card is included with a piece, it will be included in the listing description.

Does the jewelry come with a certificate?

Most jewelry does and some jewelry doesn't. If a piece does, it will be disclosed in the pictures and description of the listing.

I found a piece I want to buy, but it's in the wrong size. Can you have it resized to fit me?

Unfortunately no, but you can have it resized at your local jeweler. The cost to resize something depends on the place, material, and time, but the average price is usually around $40.

The piece I wanted sold, can I special order it?

If a piece was listed before, then there's a good chance you can special order it. Special orders can take up to 90 days to fulfill. To request a special order, email Nature's Beeline. Be aware, Nature's Beeline does not reserve any jewelry without a 50% deposit down. If you special ordered a piece, but did not pay a deposit, your piece will be listed for sale when it arrives in stock.

How often do new pieces get listed for sale?

This depends on the economy prices and on the demand for jewelry. If a certain piece attracts more attention, then we will focus on finding similar pieces to sell. We usually lists new pieces every 2-3 weeks. 

Why is Luc & Finn Jewelers selling their jewelry on Nature's Beeline's website?

Nature's Beeline's is an approved distributor of Luc & Finn Jewelry.

Are the pieces listed on this website the only pieces Luc & Finn have for sale?

No, the pieces on this website are only the pieces Nature's Beeline has in stock or has coming in stock to sell.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with the piece I bought?

You can contact Nature's Beeline using the "Contact Us" page on this website. Just make sure that you include your order number and the details of your problem.

Does Luc & Finn have a phone number to call?

Yes, but jewelry bought on this website is handled by Nature's Beeline, so you would need to contact us  Our phone number is on the "Contact Us" page along with our email.

What return policy does Luc & Finn jewelry have?

The complete policy term & conditions  are listed below. We have a 30-day no questions asked return policy with free return shipping for all Luc & Finn orders.



All Luc & Finn US domestic orders ship free of charge on a one-time base only. Your order will be shipped with USPS First Class Package and a tracking number will be sent to the email provided on the order. If you need your order shipped faster, you are able to update the shipping method during checkout for an additional cost.

We do not offer free shipping for international orders.  The cost to ship international will be calculated during checkout. We are not responsible for any delays or additional fees that may be due at customs.


We guarantees delivery to the shipping address provided on the order. In the event that you did not receive your order from USPS but the status on your tracking number says "delivered", the responsibility would be passed on to them. Domestic orders are usually received within 3-5 business days. The delivery date/times for international orders varies. Check USPS's website for current delivery time-frames for your country.


We offer free US Domestic returns for all Luc & Finn orders up to 30 days. All returns must be returned in their original new form without damage (damage is defined under "Damage" in the policy's term and conditions). If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can return your it free of charge within 30 days of delivery. International orders will be responsible for the cost of a return. To return a purchase, simply login to your account and open a return request. If you do not have an account, contact us on the "Contact Us" page with your order number and details.


Once your return has been received and inspected, your refund will be processed within 2 business days. Refunds can take up to 30 days to be returned to the original payment method you used to place your order. Check your payment method provider's policy and terms for additional details. Refunds are only denied if you're past the 30-day return window or if the jewelry piece arrives damaged and/or is missing parts (this includes stones, certificates, and warranty cards). 


You are able to reserve any item(s) with a 50% down payment of the total cost. Once payment is received, you will have 3 days to pay the remaining balance unless specified otherwise. If you cancel your reserve or the balance is not paid within 3 days or the agreed amount of time, you will be charged a 5% reverse processing fee of the deposit amount and be refunded the remaining balance. You reserve will expire and the piece will be immediately listed for sale .

Special Orders

To special order anything, a deposit of 50% of the sale price is required. When the order arrives, you will be notified by email or through a text messaging format, and will have 3 days from being notified to pay the balance. If the balance remains unpaid after 3 days, you will be charged a 5% reverse processing fee of the deposit amount and be refunded the remaining balance. Your reserve will expire and the piece will be immediately listed for sale.


You can exchange your jewelry within 30-days of receiving. You will be responsible for return cost of your exchange. We only pay the cost of shipping one-way and only after receiving your exchange. If your exchange is for something more of value, you will need to pay the additional amount. If you do not pay the additional amount owed within 3 days of us receiving your exchange, your exchange will be processed as a refund. If your exchange is for something less of value, you will be refunded the difference.


If you need to cancel your order, call us (phone number is on the "Contact Us" page) as soon as possible. You can cancel your order up until the time it's shipped. Once your order is shipped, it cannot be cancelled and your order will need to be processed as a return.

Quality Assurance 

In addition to Luc & Finn's own quality control, all stones are tested directly by us before being listed for sale. We test all stones using the Diamond Selector 2 that uses a thermal conductivity meter to determine if a stone tests positive for diamond. Since real moissanite stones test positive for diamond, we also check if the stone has a double halo under a jewelers magnifying glass. For most listings that include a stone, we try to include a video of the thermal test for customers to see. We test precious metals using a traditional acid test. To avoid damage to any jewelry pieces listed for sale, we double order pieces to acid test whenever possible.


We guarantee authentic products with clear and non-misleading pictures and descriptions. If you have any issues with your Luc & Finn jewelry, please contact Nature's Beeline on the "Contact Us" page before opening a dispute case with your payment method provider. We would like to be given the opportunity to resolve your issues and find a solution that's satisfies everyone.


Damage is defined as any other condition than new. In the event that a jewelry piece is returned damaged (including resizing a piece) or is missing any documents (certificates and warranty cards) that was included with the purchase, the loss of value may be deducted from your refund or your request for a refund may be denied. Decisions are made case-by-case and depends on the extent of the damage and/or parts that are missing.


Luc & Finn keeps records including pictures, descriptions, and registration numbers on all jewelry pieces for 180 days past the purchase date. In addition to Luc & Finn's records, we also keep a record with pictures of each piece sold and a detailed record of whatever documents that were included with a piece. In the event that a jewelry piece was returned with missing stones and/or with stones that have been replaced, a refund will not be granted. If you wish to have the jewelry piece returned to you after this type of discovery, you will be responsible to fund the return. If we find the return as an attempt to commit fraud, the proper authorities with be contacted.


Most situations can be resolved directly within a few business days without opening a dispute with your payment method provider. However, in the event that you escalate a situation by opening dispute, will be need to provide supportive documents to the dispute case manager (your credit card company, your bank, PayPal, and so on) to support your case. Dispute cases can take up to 180 days to resolve with a 3rd party, but most disputes are completed within 45 business days.


Nature's Beeline does not make or claim to make any of the jewelry listed here or elsewhere in their name for sale. All of the jewelry for sale was designed, created, and made available for retail by 3rd party manufacturers in partnership with Luc & Finn Jewelers. Nature's Beeline does not offer any warranty past our 30-day return and exchange policy on any Luc & Finn jewelry pieces. Nature's Beeline Jewelers sells Luc & Finn jewelry as an approved distributor, making high-end jewelry more affordably available to the public.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on the "Contact Us" page  before you purchase anything. We will try our very best to answer any questions or concerns you may have in a timely manner.

Reward Points

Nature's Beeline offers a reward program on a point system on any purchases that qualify with Nature's Beeline. This reward program is only for ear candles and ear candle related purchases and does not cover Luc & Finn jewelry at this time. If this situation changes, the details here will be updated and an announcement will be posted on our home page for 30 days. We understand that this can be disappointing and apologize for any misunderstandings this may have caused.

The information on the page applies to Luc & Finn Jewelry sales only.   Nature's Beeline LLC is an Authorized Distributor of Luc & Finn Jewelry products.

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