Ear Candling

Basic Directions for Ear Candling

Suggested Supplies: 

  •  2 Ear Candles (1 per ear) 
  • Protective Item (small damp towel, protective candling disc, paper plate with a hole in the middle, or something to surround the ear candle to catch any ash and to protect your face/skin).
  • Lighter 
  • Bowl of Water (capacity: 3 to 5 cups) 
  • Second Person for Safety (optional but highly recommended, so you have help performing the following steps).


"Step 1" 

Surround the ear candle with the protective item. Then lie on your side with your ear facing the ceiling. While lying down, gently place the ear candle with the protective item around candle in your ear. 

"Step 2" 

While holding the candle in your ear, use the lighter to light the other end of the ear candle on fire. HOLD THE CANDLE STILL THE ENTIRE TIME WHILE INSERTED IN EAR. It should burn slowly with a small flame. You will hear crackling noises while candle is lit in your ear, this is normal. 

"Step 3" 

Allow the candle to burn until only 4 to 5 inches is left. Then carefully remove candle from ear and place the burning end in the bowl of water to stop it from further burning. 

"Step 4" (optional) 

After the candle cools, unroll it open and see used wax. 


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Tube Implants  

Inflammation In or Around Ear  

Under 18 Years of Age (not required, but highly recommended)  

No One Assisting You (not required, but highly recommended) 

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